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This resource bundle contains handouts, activities, bellringers, and projects for teaching poetry in middle school and high school. These resources will help your students understand, engage with, and analyze poems put in front of them.

What You Get:
1. Poetic Devices Terms List & Quiz – a list of print-and-go terms, quiz, and Interactive Notebook foldables
2. Poetic Devices Bingo – two sets of 34 unique Bingo! cards
3. Poetic Devices Poster Project
4. Poetry Bell-Ringers
5. Clip & Flip Poetic Devices
6. Independent Poetry Analysis: “I Died for Beauty” by Emily Dickinson
7. Poetry Terms Criss-Cross Puzzle Pack
8. Found Poetry Packet
9. How to Host a Classroom Poetry Slam
10. Poetry Anthology Project
11. Close Reading Poetry for Interactive Notebooks
12. Poetry Challenges: Limerick, Haiku, Blackout, Illustration
13. Poetry Unit Test

This bundle offers you a 30% discount on the above items!

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