Poetry Anthology Project


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This Poetry Anthology Project allows students to explore famous poetry on a chosen theme, along with trying their own hand at writing some poems. This is the perfect project to conclude your poetry unit, and students will create an artifact to treasure. I have had the most success with asking students to collect 3-5 poems and writing 2-3 on their own, depending on the grade level. For each poem, students write a personal reflection and choose a photograph or create an illustration to accompany it. This product is fully editable and comes with an analytic and holistic rubric (grades 6-10).
What You Get:
1. Print-and-go project guidelines
2. Holistic rubric
3. Student examples (you can edit the teacher’s notes)
4. Editable guidelines and rubric (.doc)
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If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!
-Danielle @ Nouvelle ELA
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