Collaborative Bell Ringers – Memorable Team Trivia, Puzzles, and Riddles (Volume 2)

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These fun and challenging collaborative bell ringers (or exit tickets) are a mix of ELA trivia, riddles, puzzles, and quizzes about books, movies, and music.

Students will tackle:
✅ Riddles & word games
✅ Classic lit with a twist
✅ YA fiction & pop culture

You get 40 different ELA trivia bell ringers to strengthen classroom community!

Try a free week of collaborative bell ringers!

Example puzzle topics:
✨ Twisted summaries
✨ Song titles by initials
✨ Famous first lines
✨ Children’s books by cake

What teachers like you are saying about these collaborative bell ringers:

Naomi L.
Naomi L.
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"This is one of the resources that has helped me build a strong, cohesive classroom community this year! Thank you!"
Kelli A.
Kelli A.
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“I use these on Fridays as Bell Ringers. My students have SO MUCH fun with these and definitely bond as a team when they are used.”
Diane M.
Diane M.
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"I was in search of a way to engage a class that I was struggling to interact with. This resource was the perfect solution. I used the resource as my daily warm-ups as students worked in small groups to formulate their responses. They had fun trying to figure out how to best respond, my engagement issue was resolved. Thank you."
Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.
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“I use this as a center during enrichment block - the groups compete against each other (so it's TOP SECRET and they're QUIET). Love watching their faces when I confirm answers!”


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