The Ultimate Introduction to Shakespeare’s Language – Vocabulary, Grammar, Iambic Pentameter

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Are you looking for an interactive introduction to Shakespeare’s language? This activity uses web resources, videos, and a FUN grammar presentation to kick off your Shakespeare unit.

Students walk away understanding…
Shakespeare’s language & contributions to English
Iambic pentameter
That tricky thou/you

What teachers like you are saying about Shakespeare’s Language resource:

Erin B.
Erin B.
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“This was such a great resource and a good way to introduce Shakespeare to my students before beginning our play.”
Gwen M.
Gwen M.
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“Great resource and ready to use. My students loved the hip-hop iambic pentameter.”
Amanda A.
Amanda A.
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“This resource provided wonderful supplements to my Shakespeare unit, and it definitely helped prepare the students for reading the text. I appreciated the ease of use, as well as the interactive nature. A great resource I would recommend to anyone teaching Shakespeare, especially to students encountering it for the first time.”


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