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Best young adult summer reads // summer YA reading recs 2024 - square

Wrap Up 2024 with these 5 Best Young Adult Summer Reads

Wrap up your 2024 school year with the 5 best young adult summer reads and middle grade reads! Wrap up your 2024 school year with the 5 best young adult summer reads and middle grade reads! Welcome, book lovers and educators! As the school year draws to a close and the promise of long, sunny days begins to unfold, it’s the perfect time to update your reading list with the best young adult summer reads. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, nestled in a cozy hammock, or simply enjoying the quiet of your living room, these books promise to be the perfect companions.  Below, we’ll explore five standout titles that are sure to resonate with both young adult and middle grade readers, making them excellent picks for secondary ELA educators looking to recommend or explore

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5 fun end of the year activities to wrap up the school year

5 Fun End of the Year Activities to Wrap Up the School Year

Want FUN end of the year activities to celebrate another successful year? We’ve got 5 to suit various teaching needs! As the school year winds down and the anticipation of summer begins to bubble among students and teachers alike, it’s the perfect time to inject some extra fun and creativity into the classroom. For secondary ELA educators, finding engaging and meaningful end of the year activities can be the cherry on top of a productive school year. Whether you’re looking to review key concepts in a playful manner, inspire reflection on the year’s growth, or simply create space for you to get your last minute grading done without throwing on a movie, this blog post is here to spark your imagination. We’ve curated a list of 5 fun and educational end of the year activities

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3 songs to teach for analyzing allusion

3 Awesome Songs to Teach for Analyzing Allusion in Secondary ELA

Discover 3 engaging songs to teach for analyzing allusion in secondary ELA classrooms! Hey there, fellow ELA enthusiasts! 📚✨ Are you looking to spice up your lesson plans with some music that packs a punch of literary magic? Well, you’re in for a treat! Today, we’re diving into the world of allusions in music—a fantastic way to engage your students and explore the depths of literary references within the melodies they love. If you’re new here, we are kinda popular for recommending these 15 songs to use in ELA. We also have 15 MORE songs to use and songs to use for analyzing irony if you’re interested! I’ve handpicked three songs brimming with allusions, perfect for analysis in your secondary ELA classrooms. These tracks not only resonate with our students’ musical tastes but also unveil

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