Powerful Pop Culture Analysis Activities – 15 Short Text Media Literacy Lessons



Do you want your students engaged in high-interest pop culture analysis activities? This resource includes 15 lesson plans for short films, video games, TV shows, and songs to analyze in English class that are easy for you and super fun for students!

We are so excited for you to use these pop culture lessons with your students! Each 45-minute lesson is skills-based, so it’s easy to integrate a text here and there in your existing curriculum. These alternative text types (short films, video games, TV episodes, and songs to analyze in English class) get your students thinking about analysis in new ways. Using pop culture in ELA is a great way to HOOK all learners.

Your Pop Culture Analysis Resource Includes:
🎵 15 short texts (see the titles below)
📽️ 15 easy-to-implement standards-aligned lesson plans
📺 Options for discussion strategies
🎮 Editing capabilities to personalize & differentiate

This resource also includes the first digital escape game of Terminus and a week of Poetry Bell Ringers.

Each Pop Culture Analysis lesson plan includes…
✨ Background information on the short text
✨ Any pre-knowledge (if applicable)
✨ An objective to guide their learning
✨ An anticipatory activity
✨ A group analysis
✨ A wrap-up activity
✨ Extension ideas to continue the learning

Why is this Pop Culture Analysis resource worth it?
✨ Students practice digital literacy in a standards-aligned yet engaging manner
✨ Hours of research poured in to ensure your short texts are appropriately picked
✨ BONUS! These lessons make for PERFECT, ready-to-go emergency sub day plans

What teachers like you are saying about our other digital literacy activities:

Tara P.
Tara P.
Review for 15 Pop Culture Analysis Resource
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"I love anytime I can trick my students into learning! These lessons do just that! And if you've bought anything from Nouvelle ELA, you know how fun the lessons are but also how thoroughly planned and standards aligned they are as well!"
Stormy D.
Stormy D.
Review for Terminus Digital Escape Room Series
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"This is such an engaging way to get students thinking deeply about a text! Even some of my readers who may struggle reading in a more "traditional" format felt confident in working through this series because it felt more like solving a mystery than straightforwardly analyzing a text."
Erin H.
Erin H.
Review for Analyzing Song Lyrics - Literary Elements in Music
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“I am excited to remind my students that language arts extends beyond essays and books!”
Hannah H.
Hannah H.
Review for TV Episode Review
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“This is a wonderful resource to use with films or TV episodes. Students must be actively watching and listening to do well on this assignment. This is a great resource to use for multimedia studies and visual texts. Great product as always from Nouvelle ELA.”