Exquisite Escape Room Resource Box (Personal Use)

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If you want to make your own escape rooms, this escape room resource box filled with templates and tutorials is for you!

These puzzle ideas and materials are perfect for creating paper escape rooms with no additional technology, locks, or boxes required.

It couldn’t be easier to create your own escape room.

✅ Save HOURS of work with templates and tutorials
✅ Easily editable in PPT for any subject
✅ No need to rack your brains for puzzle ideas – it’s all here!

If you’ve always wanted to make your own escape room, these resources are for you!

What teachers like you are saying about the escape room resource box:

Eric C.
Eric C.
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“I love being able to create my own escape room for topics I'm teaching! This resource has a TON of puzzles, tips, and tricks that make the process as easy as it can be. Thank you! I've already created two escape rooms that I will keep using every year."
Koala Case Curriculum
Koala Case Curriculum
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“I was extremely hesitant to buy an escape room because I have never done one, much less made one. BUT, the instructions for this were so clear and concise! Everything was so easy to use and there were so many options to pick from. I really like how well put together this is and I definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a starting point for escape rooms. Thank you!!!
Captain Librarian
Captain Librarian
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“This is EXTREMELY thorough and helpful!”


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