ELA Vocabulary Poster Project

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Students create posters for literary terms, drama vocabulary, and poetic devices. This bundle includes three different ready-to-print vocabulary lists, editable rubrics, and project instructions. You’ll get amazing results that you can display for the unit, or for the whole school year! (grades 6-12)

What You Get:
1. Literary Terms & Devices Vocabulary List (irony, foreshadowing, protagonist, etc.)
2. Literary Terms & Devices Poster Project & Rubric (print-and-go)
3. Drama Vocabulary List (monologue, scene, hubris, fourth wall, etc.)
4. Drama Vocabulary Poster Project & Rubric (print-and-go)
5. Poetic Devices Vocabulary List (alliteration, metaphor, rhyme, etc.)
6. Poetic Devices Poster Project & Rubric (print-and-go)
7. Editable Project Instructions & Rubric
8. Three student examples

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