Poetry Bell Ringers Volume 1

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Bring poetry to life in your classroom with these poetry bell ringers! This set of 30 poetry bell ringers will help your students practice a wide range of poetry devices and help improve their poetry writing.

Set your students up for poetry writing success with these incredible poetry warm-ups. These poetry activities are all different and engaging, so even students who “don’t like poetry” will find an activity they can enjoy!

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Use these poetry activities to…
⭐ Help your students practice identifying poetic devices and figurative language
⭐ Analyze a poet’s purpose,
⭐ Create poems in a wide range of styles

Each bell ringer uses an excerpt from a classic poem or song as a model to drive student engagement.

If you are finding it difficult to fit poetry into your lessons, then these poetry bell ringers are perfect for you! You’ll save time with these no-prep poetry activities, and see an improvement in your students’ poetry writing.

What teachers like you are saying about the Poetry Bell Ringers resource:

Tami C.
Tami C.
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“Easy to incorporate into our poetry unit and included good examples for each of the poetic devices.”
Rose M. (Vol. 1 Review)
Rose M. (Vol. 1 Review)
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“I am so excited to use this resource with my students! Even though it is heavily tested in standardized tests, our curriculum does not have many poetry resources. This will be a great way to spark discussions and teach important concepts. Thank you for making it!”
Barbara (Vol. 1 Review)
Barbara (Vol. 1 Review)
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“I loved this product! It allowed me to teach poetry without pain 🙂 Each poem was short, so my students were able to attend to the lesson and identify the terms without difficulty. There was also a nice variety of poems. Thanks!”


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