Comprehensive Poetry Activities Bundle

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This poetry activities bundle is perfect for getting “big kids” to see poetry as fun and engaging! This resource bundle contains handouts, activities, bellringers, and projects for teaching poetry in middle school and high school.

Making poetry fun for middle and high school does not mean sacrificing rigor! It means adding variety. Are you ready for students to get excited about each new poem?

Engaging Activities for Poetry:
Bell Ringers for daily practice
Academic vocabulary and figurative language
Scaffolded analysis
Writing challenges
Anthology project

The poetry activities bundle mixes analyzing classic and contemporary poetry, inspiring student creativity, and creating a classroom culture where it’s easy to share.

What teachers like you are saying about the poetry activities bundle:

Felicia M.
Felicia M.
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"Great resource for teaching poetry to middle school students!"
Olivia B.
Olivia B.
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"This resource is SO helpful in rounding out my poetry unit! I love that there are assessments available. I use many of these activities for my high-flying middle schoolers (the Dickinson analysis, for example) and it's been overall amazing for differentiation purposes. Thanks so much!"
Lisa S.
Lisa S.
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"I really appreciate the bell ringers and bingo. Play can help to solidify so many concepts. Thanks!"


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