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3 Effective Poetry Lessons for National Poetry Month

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Celebrate writing with 3 poetry lessons for National Poetry Month to deepen your students’ appreciation of poetry!

Unleash your students’ inner poets with these 3 poetry lessons for National Poetry Month! 

April is National Poetry Month, where we celebrate the power of words and the beauty of expression. As secondary ELA teachers, we play a vital role in igniting that creative spark within our students. This blog post outlines three engaging and interactive secondary ELA poetry lessons that will inspire and captivate your students during this special month. 

Combining the power of language and the magic of poetry, these lessons are designed to enhance critical thinking, boost imagination, foster a deep appreciation for the art of words, and get YOU and your students excited about poetry. Each lesson is crafted to encourage active participation, encouraging students to explore their own creative voices through writing, analysis, and discussion. From exploring the works of celebrated poets to encouraging students to create their own masterpieces, these lessons will help your students nurture a love for poetry that will last long after National Poetry Month concludes.

Get ready to celebrate the beauty of language and empower your students by embarking on a poetic journey that will kindle their creativity and enhance their understanding of the power of words.

3 Poetry Lessons for National Poetry Month

Poetry Escape Room Review - Digital & Print

What’s not to love about escape rooms? They foster teamwork, boost students’ confidence, and help bolster executive functioning.

With poetry, it can often feel as though the ability to work together in teams is lost, but that doesn’t mean that escape rooms can’t still be a great learning tool!

The Digital Escape Room Poetry Review has a close reading activity with built in scaffolding for differentiation, and it helps students identify poetic devices and figurative language.

If you want to get your students up and moving, you can opt for the printable poetry escape room!

If you want to save big on my most popular poetry resources, check out this bundle! 

This bundle includes engaging secondary ELA poetry lessons like…
Bell Ringers for daily practice
✨ Academic vocabulary and figurative language
✨ Scaffolded analysis
✨ Writing challenges
✨ Anthology project
✨ & so much more!

The poetry activities bundle mixes analyzing classic and contemporary poetry, inspiring student creativity, and creating a classroom culture where it’s easy to share.

Poetry activities are both fun and challenging for students. Analyzing poetry can be subjective, and students often feel like there’s a “right answer” that they’re missing, somehow.

This comprehensive poetry analysis unit focuses on building student confidence and stamina. Each lesson is scaffolded to help students choose relevant supporting evidence. It can also be used with ISNs or traditional worksheets…the choice is yours!

Key Elements of Your Poetry Unit Resource:
✨ Poetry bell ringers
✨ Figurative Language and Poetic Devices
✨ Creative Poetry Activities
✨ Engaging projects and assessments
✨ Can be used with interactive notebooks or traditional worksheets

This unit is perfect for 8th and 9th graders! If you’re looking for some great poems to use for middle school students, check out 13 poems to teach literary devices over at this post.

Closing Out: Poetry Lessons for National Poetry Month

Looking for more guidance for an upcoming poetry unit? Need more poetry lessons for National Poetry Month? This post covers 15 tips, tricks, & resources related to all-things-poetry in secondary ELA.

Be sure to check it out, and as always, if you use any of these, let us know how it went in the comments 🙂

Happy teaching ❣️