Comprehensive Poetry Unit with Interactive Notebooks



This Poetry Unit is perfect for 8th and 9th graders developing their skills in analyzing poetry. These lesson ideas and poetry activities help students with identification, analysis, and creativity.

Key Elements of Your Poetry Unit Resource:
✨ Poetry bell ringers
✨ Figurative Language and Poetic Devices
✨ Creative Poetry Activities
✨ Engaging projects and assessments
✨ Can be used with interactive notebooks or traditional worksheets

Poetry activities are both fun and challenging for students. Analyzing poetry can be subjective, and students often feel like there’s a “right answer” that they’re missing, somehow.

This poetry unit focuses on building student confidence and stamina. Each lesson is scaffolded to help students choose relevant supporting evidence.

Using this resource with interactive notebooks? They’re suited to 8th and 9th graders in a whole new way! You’ll get some foldables, but students won’t spend forever cutting and gluing.

Instead, each spread is designed for a gradual release of responsibility.

What teachers like you are saying about this poetry unit:

Courtney B.
Courtney B.
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“I have been teaching for 13 years, and this is the BEST way I have taught my poetry unit! I saw immediate success. Students also love the foldables and refer to them all the time!”
Canuck Classroom
Canuck Classroom
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“I have been looking to revamp my poetry unit for years, and this is the answer - it is accessible, easy to use, and editable (what teacher doesn't love that). Used this with my Grade 7/8s. Thank you!”
Tamara B.
Tamara B.
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“This poetry unit has been very easy to use. I love the notebook and how to set up the pages for each assignment. The notebook really keeps everything organized and, let's face it, all students can use an organizational method. As for the poetry assignments, they are great!!! Students become more aware of poetry and the stills that go with it. Thank you so much for this super resource.”