Interactive Notebooks for Secondary ELA – Yearlong Bundle of 40+ effective resources

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This is a yearlong bundle of interactive notebooks for Secondary ELA lessons. Your students will create organized reference tools to show their learning, all while maintaining creativity and choice. These lessons, activities, and assessments are perfect for grades 7-10.

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Important points of this yearlong bundle of interactive notebooks for Secondary ELA:
✅ Short Story Unit
✅ Novel Study
✅ Drama Unit
✅ Poetry Unit

Use this resource as you read any texts! The Short Story Unit and the Poetry Unit come with plenty of suggestions, but the beauty of these resources is their versatility. You can teach YOUR ELA curriculum in an organized way.

You’ll notice these interactive notebooks are suited to late middle and high school in a whole new way. You’ll get some foldables, but your students won’t spend the whole novel unit cutting and gluing. 

Instead, each spread is designed for a gradual release of responsibility:
1. IN (bell ringer)

2. THROUGH (teacher input/guided classwork)

3. OUT (exit/independent practice/homework)

What teachers like you are saying about interactive notebooks for Secondary ELA:

Classics on Caffeine
Classics on Caffeine
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“I have used interactive notebooks for three years and this is the best resource for older students. Effective, work-focused, and not too cute. I appreciate the fact that my students can now have access to amazing notes AND I don’t have to fuss around with cutting and pasting too many “artsy” designs. THIS IS PERFECT, A TIME SAVER and a MUST BUY for teachers of upper middle and high school students. THANK YOU!!!”
Lit Teacher's Corner
Lit Teacher's Corner
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“This is an amazing resource that I would encourage any secondary teacher to use. I love that it encourages students to reflect and write!”
Hannah H.
Hannah H.
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“This resource is so wonderful. I have well over a year’s worth of activities, rubrics for grading, numerous creative writing assignments, and many units. Danielle’s instructions are clear and she gives options for how assignments could be used. I highly recommend this if you are looking to try ISNs with your students.”


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