Dynamic Math Escape Room Template Kit

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Want to create your own math escape room perfectly aligned to your content and geared towards your specific learners? This Math escape room template kit was created just for you!

In this kit, you’ll find…
✨ A full introduction to Escape Rooms and Breakout Boxes
✨ Puzzle ideas and resources
✨ Templates for tools and clue cards
✨ Tons of examples for a variety of content areas

In this Math Escape Room template kit, you’ll get:
⭐️ Editable Math Escape Room – a complete escape room, editable in PPT, that you can use with any math concept
⭐️ Escape Room Resource Box – a collection of extra puzzles & templates to make your own Escape Rooms easy

These two resources allow you to create an endless number of escape room games for a wide variety of topics and still keep your students surprised.

If you’ve always wanted to try designing a room, this kit is for you! I’ve broken down the entire process and included templates to save you hours of work.

What teachers like you are saying about the math escape room template:

Victoria K.
Victoria K.
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“I love using escape rooms as surprises in my classroom. This resource allows me to build my own and use it for the current topic at hand! Great resource!”
Kaitlin S.
Kaitlin S.
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“This was a really cool way to design an escape room for end-of-semester review in a Pre-AP Algebra 2 class.”
Dusty W.
Dusty W.
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“Great resource! I have used this over and over to create different math escape rooms based on the Standard we are learning.”


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