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15 MORE Songs for the ELA Classroom

Song lyrics can be so versatile in the classroom: Creative writing inspiration, making non-fiction more engaging, etc. Here are 15 more songs to use in ELA, and suggestions on how to use them.   Ask and you shall receive! My other post, 15 Songs to Use in ELA has gotten so much positive feedback that I decided to make a…

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TED Talks for Young Writers

Have you ever used videos to inspire your students to write? Here are some TED talks for young writers you’ll be able to use at different moments in your curriculum. As I‘ve mentioned before on this blog, I love the Writer‘s Workshop model! Each day includes a focusing mini-lesson, time to write and ponder, and time to share or conference.…

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5 Ways that I'm a Terrible Student image

5 Ways that I’m a Terrible Student

What I have learned from being a terrible student I am a military spouse and we are about to be stationed in Puerto Rico. I’ve been “learning Spanish” for over a year now, and I just haven’t made much progress. I use every stall tactic in the book and I’m just not where I think I should be. This is…

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Using Newsy in Your Classroom

Using Newsy in Your Classroom (and beyond!)

Have you heard of Newsy? It’s a platform for in-depth video coverage of a variety of topics, and it’s free for your use. They’ve taken stories from CNN, BBC, HuffPo, and many more sources, and condensed them. Videos range in length, but generally run around two minutes. The reporters speak slowly, and each video includes a transcript. This makes Newsy…

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