4 tweens standing against a white brick wall, they are holding pastel colored shapes in front of their faces so their faces are obscured. There is a white heading at the top of the image with pink and blue text reading "Public Speaking Activities for Back to School"

Back to School: 5 Easy Public Speaking Tips for Students

You can use these low-prep lessons filled with public speaking tips in middle or high school ELA. They make for great icebreaker activities! Back to School Public Speaking Activities Back to School is the perfect time to strengthen your student’s public speaking skills. These public speaking tips and activities are a great way to build classroom community, so you can achieve multiple goals within the same class period.  I’ve blogged before about using Children’s Books to Teach Public Speaking, so if you haven’t already read that post, go check it out! 🙂 Low-stress Public Speaking Activities Back to School Peer Interview Project Students brainstorm open-ended questions and use them to interview a classmate. Then, they present to their classmates in very short presentations. I really love this activity because it helps students understand open-ended vs.

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Using Escape Rooms in ELA is a great way to promote collaboration, critical thinking, and engagement. Students work together on a variety of tasks to find the necessary keys to escape. Learn more about how to develop and set up a successful escape room for your students.

Using Escape Rooms in ELA

The clock is ticking down and you can’t find the blacklight clue that will lead you to the last key… your friends and family are tossing the drawers and papers again, desperately trying to find the six-digit code for a lock, and the seconds are disappearing fast. Finally, it all comes together, and you open the door with thirty seconds to spare! I’ve been obsessed with Escape Rooms ever since my family first tried one at Christmas, and I’ve been looking for ways to bring this experience to the ELA classroom ever since. Read on to find out how I make and use Escape Rooms in ELA, and how you can design your own. Game Speak An Escape Room or Breakout Box are two versions of a collaborative puzzle game. Players work through a series

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