5 fun end of the year activities to wrap up the school year

5 Fun End of the Year Activities to Wrap Up the School Year

Want FUN end of the year activities to celebrate another successful year? We’ve got 5 to suit various teaching needs! As the school year winds down and the anticipation of summer begins to bubble among students and teachers alike, it’s the perfect time to inject some extra fun and creativity into the classroom. For secondary ELA educators, finding engaging and meaningful end of the year activities can be the cherry on top of a productive school year. Whether you’re looking to review key concepts in a playful manner, inspire reflection on the year’s growth, or simply create space for you to get your last minute grading done without throwing on a movie, this blog post is here to spark your imagination. We’ve curated a list of 5 fun and educational end of the year activities

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3 Free ELA Activities to boost creativity and collaboration picturing a small group of middle school students working together with support from their teacher

3 Fun and Free ELA Activities to Foster Creativity and Communication

Free ELA Activities for Your Secondary Classroom Looking for free ELA activities to boost students’ creativity and collaboration in a fun and free way? Look no further! Below, we share 3 engaging ELA activities that will improve your classroom community and the quality of student-to-student collaboration in your class. From word games to creative writing exercises, these activities are designed to make learning enjoyable and effective. And the best part? They won’t cost you a thing! With these activities, you can expand your students’ creativity, enhance their reading comprehension, and sharpen their writing skills. Foster Creativity & Community with these Free ELA Activities One free week of Collaborative Trivia Bell Ringers I loooove…✨ Building routines ✨ Fostering a positive classroom community ✨ Providing FUN opportunities for students to practice their collaborative skills These trivia bell

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A small pile of brown gift boxes with multicolored ribbons. There is a white border at the top with pink and blue text that says "Free Student Gift for Middle & High School"

Free Student Gift for Middle and High School

Are you looking for a free student gift for middle and high school? Do you need something that’s easy on the budget and easy to assemble? Free Student Gift Below! Here are my free holiday bookmarks for students! Just add a Jolly Rancher™ for the pun and you’re good to go! I’ve used these bookmarks for several years because it’s awesome to have an easy student gift for middle and high school. Everyone loves a fun gift, but it’s just not practical to make decorated mugs of hot chocolate for 120 students! When you teach middle and high school, a free student gift is really important. You can print these bookmarks on bright paper or in black & white for an added coloring activity! If you’re interested in other free student gifts, here are other

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A photo of multiple pieces of blue-shaded paper. At the top of the image there is a white border with pink and blue text that says "Free ELA Worksheets"

3 Free ELA Worksheets for Middle and High School

These free ELA worksheets will help you engage students in drama, poetry, rhetoric, and more! Perfect for middle AND high school ELA. Teachers, you pour so much of yourselves into your classroom. Your time, your experience, your love, and unfairly, your own money. So today I’m going to share 3 free ELA worksheets that you can use with little-to-prep, and without spending any money! Without any further ado: Free ELA Worksheets for Middle & High School Poetry Bell Ringers  Are you looking for poetry activities that engage and inspire? These poetry warm-ups will totally hook your students during your poetry unit! Each task has a different snippet from a classic poem, so you’ll keep things fresh and fun. The original format for these bell ringers is individual slides, but a free ELA worksheet like this

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