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Unlock Academic Success with our Secondary ELA Vocabulary Bundle

Unlock Academic Success with Our Secondary ELA Vocabulary Bundle featuring an image of varied Scrabble tile letters on a wooden surface

Unlock your students’ academic success with our comprehensive Secondary ELA Vocabulary Bundle. It will save you time planning and support your students in succeeding!

Unlock Academic Success with Our Secondary ELA Vocabulary Bundle featuring an image of varied Scrabble tile letters on a wooden surface

Want your students to quickly define literary devices? Want your students to identify figurative language AND provide efficient examples? Want your students to use drama vocab to discuss scripts and plays?

These objectives and more are all met in this comprehensive ELA vocabulary bundle!

This mega BUNDLE includes five great tools for teaching ELA vocabulary, including literary devices and terminology, poetic devices, drama terminology, Greek roots, and persuasive techniques.
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What is INCLUDED in your Secondary ELA Vocabulary Bundle?

⭐ 7 lists of terms and definitions 

⭐ Interactive Notebook foldables

⭐ A BINGO! review game for each topic (two sets of 34 cards each)

⭐ 7 print-and-go quizzes with matching, examples, and a short response

⭐ Editable quizzes (.doc)

⭐ Digital versions of quizzes and BINGO games for literary devices, drama terms, and figurative language

What TERMS are covered in your Secondary ELA Vocabulary Bundle?

⭐ Antagonist
⭐ Characterization
⭐ Climax
⭐ Conflict
⭐ Dialogue
⭐ Exposition
⭐ Falling Action
⭐ Flashback
⭐ Foreshadowing
⭐ Genre
⭐ Imagery
⭐ Irony
⭐ Mood
⭐ Motif
⭐ Plot
⭐ Point of View
⭐ Protagonist
⭐ Resolution
⭐ Rising Action
⭐ Setting
⭐ Symbolism
⭐ Tone

⭐ Alliteration
⭐ Allusion
⭐ Apostrophe
⭐ Anthropomorphization
⭐ Consonance
⭐ Hyperbole
⭐ Idiom
⭐ Imagery
⭐ Irony
⭐ Juxtaposition
⭐ Litote
Metaphor, Mood
⭐ Paradox
⭐ Personification
⭐ Repetition
⭐ Rhyme
⭐ Rhythm
⭐ Simile
⭐ Symbol

⭐ Act
⭐ Antagonist
⭐ Aside
⭐ Chorus
⭐ Comedy
⭐ Dialogue
⭐ Dynamic Character
⭐ Foil
⭐ Foreshadowing
⭐ Fourth Wall
⭐ Hubris
⭐ Monologue
⭐ Motivation
⭐ Plot
⭐ Prologue
⭐ Protagonist 
⭐ Scene
⭐ Stage Directions
⭐ Static Character
⭐ Subplot
⭐ Tragedy
⭐ Tragic Flaw

⭐ Card-Stacking
⭐ Connotation/Word Choice
⭐ Exaggeration
⭐ Euphemism
⭐ Fear
⭐ Glittering Generalities
⭐ Name-Calling
⭐ Plain Folks Appeal
⭐ Repetition
⭐ Rhetorical Questions
⭐ Sex Appeal/Beautiful People
⭐ Scientific Approach
⭐ Snob Appeal
⭐ Something for Nothing
⭐ Transfer
⭐ Urgency/Call to Action

Note: This resource includes one set of vocabulary activities with “Sex Appeal” and one set with “Beautiful People” so that you can make the best choice for your classroom.

Looking for 4 tips & tricks for teaching vocab to your secondary ELA students?

What Teachers Like You Have to Say about this Bundle

Jessica F.
Jessica F.
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"Great activities to introduce and review literary vocabulary."
Holly M.
Holly M.
Read More
“Great resource! Used for review this year, but will likely use it at the start of the year next year! Quite adaptable for my middle school students. Thank you!"
Libby B.
Libby B.
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“Great as a review or a pre-assessment."

Final thoughts

When it comes to teaching vocab (especially academic vocabulary) and nonfiction texts, my imposter syndrome is the loudest.

For these reasons, this is one of my most valued resources, especially when starting a new school year. If you’re looking for more awesome resources to implement in the 23-24 school year, you can learn about some awesome BTS resources here.