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Diversify Your Classroom with Our Beautiful 10 Queer Writers Poster Set

Queer Writers poster set to Diversify and Enrich Your Classroom this Pride Month and Beyond

Enrich your teaching space and diversify your classroom with our Queer Writers poster set, a vibrant collection that celebrates diversity and inclusivity, making it a must-have for Pride Month and beyond.

Queer Writers poster set to Diversify and Enrich Your Classroom this Pride Month and Beyond

Use Our NEW Queer Writers Poster Set to Enrich Your Space

Welcome, fellow educators! As we continuously seek ways to enrich our classroom environments with diverse and inclusive materials, I’m thrilled to share something special with you.

Imagine adorning your classroom walls with the vibrant stories and voices of 10 remarkable Queer Writers, each with their unique narrative and contribution to literature. This digital poster set is not just a visual treat; it’s an invitation for our students to explore the rich tapestry of human experience through literature that transcends boundaries.

As Pride Month approaches, what better way to celebrate than by diversifying our classroom spaces (and bookshelves) with these colorful tributes to writers who have shaped and enriched our world? This set is perfect for sparking meaningful conversations and creating an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes every student’s story, all year round.

Let’s embrace this opportunity to make our classrooms a beacon of diversity, inclusion, and celebration of every voice and identity. Learn more about the Queer Writers poster set below!

What is the Queer Writers Poster Set?

In 2023, we (Danielle and Carina, two Queer educators whose pronouns are she/her) partnered with a Queer artist, Z Tamarkin (they/them), to create this awesome poster set highlighting 10 Queer writers. 

We have a popular selling LGBTQIA+ poster set, but we wanted to specifically celebrate WRITERS because…duh…we are English teachers! So, we created a blend of classic and contemporary Queer writers for students (and us teachers) to celebrate.

Although this resource includes quotes and writing prompts, these are completely optional!

Representation is impactful, but it is important to recognize the “elephant in the room.” We recognize and understand that it takes a level of privilege to proudly (and safely) display inclusive artwork in a classroom. Do what is safest for you and your students…we HOPE that you are privileged and fortunate enough to work in a truly safe space where representing Queer identities is encouraged. <3

The Queer Writers poster set features: 
✨ Aiden Thomas
✨ Adam Silvera
✨ Alice Oseman
✨ Audre Lorde
✨ Danez Smith
✨ Azure D. Osborne-Lee
✨ James Baldwin
✨ Virginia Woolf
✨ Oscar Wilde
✨ Andrea Gibson

Your Queer Writers poster set resource includes:
❤️ Files that are high resolution and can print up to 16×20.
🧡 Ten posters with portraits and quotes
💛 Scaffolded quote analysis (optional)
💚 Holistic Rubric
💙 Quote cards for student reference
💜 Teacher’s guide

Looking for other ways to diversify your classroom via curriculum swaps, adds, or bookshelf buys? Check out these short texts and poems authored by LGBTQ+ folxs. 

We also have a new resource (2024) which is our figurative language bundle paired with diverse short stories; one of which a short story written by author Dax Everitt, a nonbinary bisexual wheelchair user.

Queer Writers poster set to Diversify and Enrich Your Classroom this Pride Month and Beyond

In wrapping up, incorporating this digital poster set of 10 Queer Writers into our classrooms is more than just a decorative change; it’s a powerful statement of inclusivity, respect, and celebration of diversity.

As we look forward to Pride Month and beyond, let’s remember the importance of creating spaces that reflect the myriad stories and voices of humanity. By doing so, we not only enrich our students’ educational experience but also foster a sense of belonging and acceptance for everyone.

Here’s to making our classrooms vibrant hubs of learning, where every student sees themselves represented and every voice is heard. Let’s continue to inspire, educate, and empower our students by bringing the diverse stories of these incredible writers into our teaching spaces.


– Carina & Danielle