Fantastic Figurative Language Analysis Feast – Diverse Short Stories – Comprehension & Analysis



Do you teach figurative language analysis using short stories? If so, this figurative language analysis activity bundle is perfect for introducing, practicing, and analyzing ten essential figurative language elements.

Figurative Language Elements & Their Corresponding Short Stories:
✨ Theme in Naomi Shihab Nye’s “Stay True Hotel” 
✨ Characterization in Amy Tan’s “Fish Cheeks”
✨ Point of view in Dax Everitt’s “Crowd”
✨ Conflict in Muaddi Durraj’s “Gyroscopes”
✨ Simile, metaphor, and imagery in Sandra Cisneros’ “Puro Amor”
✨ Irony in Ken Liu’s “The Paper Menagerie”
✨ Symbolism in Jason Reynolds’ “Eraser Tattoo”
✨ Suspense in Neil Gaiman’s “Click-Clack the Rattlebag”


Students will…
✅ Be introduced to the figurative language element in a bell ringer activity that includes guided practice
✅ Read the corresponding short story
✅ Collect and analyze evidence of the figurative language element 
✅ Determine how the element impacts the theme using T.A.G (title, author, genre) and/or the purpose of it
✅ Make text-to-text, -world, and -self connections through OPTIONAL short-answer questions

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Patricia V.
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Bea M.
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