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This mega BUNDLE includes five great tools for teaching literary devices and terminology, poetic devices, drama terminology, Greek roots, and persuasive techniques. For each area, you get a list of terms, Interactive Notebook foldables, a print-and-go quiz, a BINGO! review game, and an answer key. (grades 5-12)

Products in this Bundle:
Literary Devices Terms & Quiz
Literary Devices BINGO
Drama Terms & Quiz
Drama Terms BINGO
Figurative Language – Poetic Devices Terms & Quiz
Figurative Language and Poetic Devices BINGO
Persuasive Techniques Quiz
Persuasive Techniques Bingo!
Greek Roots Terms & Quiz
Greek Roots BINGO

What You Get:
1. 5 lists of terms and definitions
2. Interactive Notebook foldables for literary devices, plot structure, elements of a story, drama terms, and figurative language.
3. A BINGO! review game for each topic (two sets of 34 cards each)
4. 5 print-and-go quizzes with matching, examples, and a short response
5. Digital versions of quizzes and BINGO games for literary devices, drama terms, and figurative language
6. Answer Keys

Do you need only one of these topics?
Literary Devices Bundle

Drama Terms Bundle
Poetic Devices Bundle

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