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How to navigate the big 3: grief in the classroom, teaching about immigration, & anti-racism affirmations

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Final thoughts on...

Teaching about immigration:
This is something students are clamoring for, and I get questions from teachers every day, asking for ideas for teaching immigration. These brave voices have shared their stories, and now it’s time for us to pass them on to students.

Anti-racism in Secondary ELA:
With all this in mind, be sure to check out our other post. We’ve chosen ten commonly-taught texts from secondary ELA to reexamine with a goal of inclusivity. For each text, we share easy changes, like paired texts you could incorporate on a budget.

We also share more difficult changes, like substitutions you could request in the future. We are not saying that you need to replace every text — we want to continue a dialogue on how to make our curricula more inclusive.

Grief in the classroom:
Spend some time now contemplating how you’ll handle grief in the future. Imagine your students come to class one morning, having learnt of the death of a classmate overnight:

  • How will you fill your class period? What materials will you provide to students?
  • What level of noise and movement is acceptable to you? How will you gently let your students know?
  • How will you create therapeutic spaces for healing & catharsis? How will you encourage students to share when they’re ready?
  • How will you prepare all students for the ways in which people react differently to loss? (industry, lethargy, stillness, melancholy, etc.)
  • What will you say to disrespectful students?
  • How will you practice self-care and management of your own emotions?


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