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Unwrap Literary Magic with a Comparative Holiday Song Analysis Activity

Holiday song analysis activity

‘Tis the season for festive tunes and merry moments with this ELA comparative holiday song analysis activity!

If you’re looking for a holiday song analysis activity that is festive yet secular, I’ve got you! In this post, I outline how students can compare two secular songs that are perfect for the “cozy cup of coco in front of a cutie book tree” winter season vibe.

A Comparative Holiday Song Analysis

Sesame Street's "Holiday Song"

Both songs focus on winter and the holiday season. They are not specific to one holiday or a religious practice and are chalk full of literary analysis opportunities! 

Give students an opportunity to engage in a first- and second-watch of both videos. If possible, provide a digital or printed copy of the lyrics, so they can annotate it later.

Depending on the grade and skill levels of the students you teach, you can dive into a complex literary analysis or use it as a means to refresh foundational literary devices.

Here are some literary devices you’ll find in the songs: alliteration, anaphora, metaphor, symbolism, imagery, personification, etc..

Let students know ahead of time that both songs focus on the winter/holiday season, but their analysis aims to answer how their meanings differ.

Below are some examples of guided questions you can include.
❄️ What literary devices can you find in each song? Highlight and label examples you can find.
❄️ Analyze 3 literary devices from each song. Consider why the artist would include it in their song.
❄️ What is the mood of each song? Support your response with evidence (i.e. lyrics or observations from the music video) from each text.
❄️ What is the theme of each song? Use a T.A.G. (title, author, genre) to properly introduce each text.

There are so many ways your students can engage in this holiday song analysis!

I always find that this time of year is a bit tougher to engage students. Using media literacy helps a TON!

Depending on the activity, it also gives me time to get my grades in shape, so I do not work over my winter break.

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You are ALMOST there, friends! 

Happy teaching ☃️