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This Shakespeare resource bundle will be your best friend! If you are looking to add rigor and increase engagement in your drama unit, look no further. You get a full unit for any play, eight 30-minute scripts you can use for class productions, resources for teaching Shakespeare’s language, two best-selling Escape Rooms, and additional support for academic writing. (grades 6-10)

This Shakespeare Resource Bundle Contains:

**Drama Unit for Interactive Notebooks**

This bundle contains resources for helping you set up a drama unit in Interactive Notebooks for older students. These lessons, activities, and assessments provide rigor and motivation for students, while still maintaining some cutting and gluing elements of ISNs to create a lifelong reference tool.

What You Get:
1. Set-Up PPT for ISNs
2. Editable Unit Calendar (for you), Unit Overview (for your students), and Rubrics for ISNs
3. Detailed explanations and templates for five spread types
4. Lesson & foldable on Dramatic Plot Structure
5. Drama Terms Foldables and Quiz
6. Literary Quote Analysis Introduction, Editable HW, and quiz sheets
7. Four acting minilessons:Parts of the Stage,Blocking, Dramatic Space/Levels, and Using the Voice.
8. Character Foldable & Essay w/Rubric
9. Information and resources for directing a class play
10. Improv ideas for the ELA classroom
11. Drama Terms Bingo
12. Reader’s Theatre Activity (editable)
13. Program Template for Drama, Music, Graduations, and More (editable)

**Shakespeare in 30: 8 Play Bundle**


This bundle contains eight plays in my Shakespeare in 30 collection. Each play in this series has been adapted for teens to tackle in a half an hour. You can use these scripts for Reader’s Theatre (1-2 class periods), Staged Readings (one week), or full productions (3-4 weeks+). These resources have been tested with students in grades 6-12.

What You Get:
1. A full Teacher’s Guide:
–Teaching Drama in ELA & Questions to Consider
–Guide to a Staged Reading (Making the Most of One Week)
–Tips for Teaching Shakespeare
–Evaluating Drama
–Director’s Notes (and blank version)

2. An editable script

3. Shakespeare’s Language Worksheets:
–Iambic Pentameter
–Thou vs. You

4. Editable Extension Activities:
–Character Analysis + Rubric
–Performance Review + Rubric
–Soft Skills Rubric

**Intro to Shakespeare Escape Room**
You can present this Introduction to Shakespeare game as a digital breakout activity (using a Google Site & Form), a paper Escape Room, or a blended version of the two. It has been designed to take 45-60 minutes and covers the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare’s Life, and Elizabethan London.

What You Get:
1. Nine core texts providing an overview of The Globe Theatre, Shakespeare’s life, and Elizabethan London
2. Supplementary texts and puzzles to enrich student understanding of the parts of the Globe and Elizabethan trades
3. Complete digital capability (site & form linked in resource)
4. Elizabethan Fact Sheet & Questions for extended research
5. A quiz
6. Student Notes Sheets
7. A full Teacher’s Guide with set-up options, a printing checklist, and an Answer Key
8. A poster for your door. 😉

**Shakespeare’s Language Webquest**
This webquest and presentation for interactive notebooks are a great way to start any unit on William Shakespeare’s plays or poetry. Students will complete various activities and exercises to understand Shakespeare’s contributions to English, his vocabulary, the rhythm of iambic pentameter, and key grammatical points.

What You Get:
1. Bellringer task – with or without a QR code
2. Shakespeare’s Language Webquest
3. Independent Practice Activity/Homework
4. Answer Key
5. Shakespeare’s Grammar Presentation & Practice (.pdf – view in “Full Screen Mode” and click through like you would a PPT)

**Shakespeare & STEM Creative Writing**
Students write a friendly letter to Shakespeare to describe an invention or innovation that has happened since his lifetime. This is the perfect way to incorporate some descriptive, STEM writing into your Shakespeare unit. This editable resource includes a project description, choice of two rubrics, and a brainstorming sheet.

What You Get:
1. Project Page with description, rubric, and brainstorming sheet (editable)
2. Choice of points-based or standards-based rubrics (editable)
3. Low-print options

**Using Source Quotes in Literary Analysis**
This lesson introduces the idea of integrating sources in literary analysis, using the format of introduce, cite, and explain (ICE). It also distinguishes between direct quotes and paraphrases of an author’s work. Students begin to hone this skill using selected quotes from William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. This resources includes materials to use as a traditional worksheet or with interactive notebooks.

What You Get:
1. A scaffolded introduction with examples and practice for integrating citations
2. Independent practice with Ready Rubrics
3. Suggested answers
4. Two layout suggestions for your ISNs
5. A fully-editable version of the homework assignment and quiz option
6. Bellringers for Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

BONUS:**Romeo & Juliet Escape Room**
This review activity for Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a series of puzzles covering plot, character, figurative language, conflict, and quote identification. You can present this as a Breakout Box (groups work at their desks) or as an Escape Room (groups seek clues you’ve hidden in the classroom). It has been designed to take 30-40 minutes.

What You Get:
1. Four tasks (plot, character, quotes, and close reading) with instructions and clues
2. Four station cards
3. “You’ve Been Poisoned!” cards (for optional increased difficulty)
4. Student Answer Sheets
5. A full Teacher’s Guide with set-up options, a printing checklist, and an Answer Key
6. A poster for your door. 😉

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