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Teach Persuasive Techniques and Propaganda with this bundle of bellringers, projects, PowerPoints, and quizzes. Engage students with interactive practice, analysis, and creative projects. You get worksheets to scaffold understanding and rubrics (both holistic and analytic) for clear expectations and easy grading. This has also been used to help teach students about Propaganda in a Social Studies setting.
Here is the timeline and organization that I used. This product includes a Suggested Unit Calendar.
In my classroom, this is a differentiated unit. I give a pre-test (the included quiz) and my four highest-scorers from each section gets to work on the Advertising Project. The rest of the class completes the following components:
Persuasive Techniques PowerPoint – 1 day*
Ad Analysis PPT – 30 min.
Logo Project – 2 ½ days (w/Ad Analysis PPT and presentations on the last day)
Commercial Analysis – 3 days (presentations on the last day)
Commercial Project – 3 days (presentations on the last day)
Persuasive Techniques Review Game – 1 day
Persuasive Techniques Quiz – 1 day
*1 hour class periods
As you will see, most of the unit is in-class, cooperative learning and presentations. For the Logo Project and Commercial Analysis, students present to two other groups. For the Commercial Project, students perform in front of the whole class. I encourage students to work with different groups and partners, sometimes using random group assignments.
What terms are covered?
The unit cover the following terms: Bandwagon, Card-Stacking, Connotation/Word Choice, Endorsement/Testimonial, Exaggeration, Euphemism, Fear, Glittering Generalities, Name-Calling, Plain Folks Appeal, Repetition, Rhetorical Questions, Scientific Approach, Sex Appeal/Beautiful People, Snob Appeal, Something for Nothing, Transfer, Urgency/Call to Action.
Do you want these materials for grades 3-5? Try this bundle!
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