Advertising Project – Persuasive Techniques – Rubric included!

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Students create a product and a marketing campaign for three different audiences. They will use their understanding of persuasive techniques to tailor each campaign to its audience. This resource includes an introductory nonfiction reading, vocabulary and anticipation, a brainstorming worksheet, editable guidelines, and a rubric. Great for the whole-class, a pull-out group, or a homeschool audience!

I use this over the course of two weeks with 8th graders, but 10th graders could complete it more quickly. You can increase writing demands to fit your needs.

What You Get:
*Nonfiction article: Case Study of Lee Jeans
*Word Work: Students apply concepts using article vocabulary
*Editable project description
*Brainstorming worksheet for strategic plan (simple)
*Brainstorming worksheet for strategic plan (complex)
*Student samples
*Points-based and holistic rubrics (editable)

Students work in groups to complete the following project components:
A strategic plan, identifying audiences and targeted appeals
Three ads, one for each audience
Three scripts for commercials or radio spots, one for each audience
Presentation – I had students present all ads and scripts for a 10 min. presentation
Evaluation – each student completes this independently. You specify your own length.

Download the preview to see Student Samples!

Differentiated version:
I originally used this as an alternate assignment. I gave all students a pre-test on persuasive techniques. The four highest scorers were given the option to work on this alternate assignment. The rest of the class completed the following progression:

Persuasive Techniques PPT
Ad Analysis PPT
Logo Project
Commercial Project
Persuasive Techniques Review Game
Persuasive Techniques Quiz

Whole-class version:
Use the modified project description and have all of your students work in small groups for a week. Groups of 3-4 are desirable, since that creates an appropriate amount of work for each student.

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