Exciting Introduction to Shakespeare Escape Room and Digital Breakout

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This Introduction to Shakespeare Escape Room is the perfect start to your Shakespeare unit! Your students will love these activities and develop the background they need to study any play.

Present this as a paper game or digitally to introduce…
The Globe Theatre
⭐ William Shakespeare’s Life
⭐ Elizabethan London

Key Elements:
Game (~45-60 minutes)
Elizabethan Fact Sheet
Research ideas
Teacher’s Guide

This game is a perfect introduction to Shakespeare for any drama unit! Watch the video below to learn more 🙂

What teachers like you are saying about the Introduction to Shakespeare Digital Escape Room:

Rachel R.
Rachel R.
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“This was a great way to build students’ background knowledge on William Shakespeare because they have to pay attention to what they were reading in order to move on to the next section. It was super easy to assign too!”
Kelli A.
Kelli A.
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“Students loved this! It was very engaging and a fun introduction to Shakespeare for my ninth grade students. I also loved how detailed the instructions were. There are three options of how to present this lesson.”
Amber E.
Amber E.
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“Very engaging for students – a great introduction to our drama unit that was focused on several pieces of Shakespeares’ works.”


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