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Poetry Escape Room for 4th-6th grades

Poetry Escape Room grades 4-6

I’ve talked before about using teaching with puzzles and games and using Escape Rooms in ELA, but I thought I’d address using escape rooms in upper elementary. Our 4th, 5th, and 6th graders can definitely benefit from collaboration and critical thinking, which is why I made a Poetry Escape Room for that level. Check it out:

Some things you’ll notice:

*There’s a variety of skills tested. This means some “easy wins” for reluctant readers or struggling learners.

*Each task is valued in the final Secret Message. This means that students can “divide and conquer” the different tasks and everyone will still have their contributions valued.

*A variety of poems are used. This means that you can always spiral learning by revisiting the entire poem later on in the school year. Students can also keep their booklets as a reference guide.

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Poetry Escape Room Grades 4-6

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