The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe Inferences Challenge – Pre-Reading Simulation


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Build students’ inferencing skills and prepare for your reading of “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe with this group simulation. Students take on the role of the young detective called to the scene of the numerous incidents described in the story, culminating with the wife’s murder. They work text-by-text and make inferences in order to unlock the next level. Includes a Teacher’s Guide, a version for absent students, and a full answer key. (grades 6-12)

This pre-reading activity is based on the story “The Black Cat”, except that students will work to discover the guilt and motive of the narrator (named Mr. Grisham in this version). In this simulation, students will have to note certain facts and make certain key inferences before you, the Police Chief, approve them to continue. You will check in with groups and then give them the next text as they gather the necessary information. By the end, students will present their theories as to “Who dunnit?”. Then, they’ll read the original story (provided by you via the internet or your Lit Anthology) and read the real outcome.

What You Get:
1. Inference warm-up
2. Four texts
3. Student Tracking Sheet for facts, inferences, and questions
4. Version for absent students
5. Teacher’s Guide & Answer Key

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