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In this short research project, students discover one writer, artist, or musician from the Harlem Renaissance and present this person to the class in the form of a PowerPoint. This is an engaging, scaffolded research project to hook all learners.

What You Get:
Project Guidelines
Research WS #1 – question-by-question
Research WS #2 – blank for notes
PPT Checklist
List of possible HR personalities
Rubrics – holistic and analytic

Also, these components can be used throughout the year:
MLA Cheat Sheet
Presentation Peer & Self Eval slips
Self-Evaluation Questions

We followed up our introduction to the Harlem Renaissance with this project. It was designed for an 8th grade enrichment class and was completed over five hour-long class periods. No out-of-school work was required. The first set of guidelines follows this time frame. You can give more time on the second version, which has no reference to number of days (you can write those in!) or required number of slides.

This was an intro to the Harlem Renaissance before we read Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes. Are you interested in teaching Bronx Masquerade? This product is also part of the Bronx Masquerade Bundle!

You can also check out all of my Poetry Resources in my store.

This would also be great during Black History Month. 🙂

Please respect all terms of use as detailed at the end of this document. Enjoy!

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