Inclusive Text Pairings – To Kill a Mockingbird Supplements & Updates

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Ready to transform your unit on To Kill a Mockingbird with inclusive text pairings? This resource is part of a series to help teachers find supplements and updates for core texts in order to add more inclusivity to their curriculum.

What you can expect to see in your To Kill a Mockingbird planning resource:

Essential questions:
⭐️ How do people develop compassion and understanding?
⭐️ How can we use our privilege to help others?

⭐️ The ideals of justice vs. the American system
⭐️ Integrity
⭐️ Understanding systemic racism

Literary devices & techniques:
⭐️ Symbolism
⭐️ Irony

What teachers like you are saying about To Kill a Mockingbird inclusive planning resource:

Mechelle D.
Mechelle D.
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“There are so many resources on this download. I know this will help my students to dig deeper into the issues regarding To Kill A Mockingbird. I am excited to incorporate Just Mercy into my curriculum!”
Amber B.
Amber B.
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“I’m always looking for ways to supplement unit novels, and this resource definitely helped to lighten my load. This was a wonderful resource and I look forward to using it in the years to come with To Kill a Mockingbird.”
Lisa P.
Lisa P.
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“This resource helped me audit my classroom library as well as texts I use in the classroom. It helped me also open a discussion with my department about the importance of choosing representation in the texts we use to teach.”


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