The Lady or the Tiger? Argumentative Essay

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Enrich your study of Frank Stockton’s “The Lady or the Tiger?” with this print-and-go writing activity. Students write an argumentative essay to support their chosen ending. They must incorporate textual evidence with citations to back up their claims. I also give students extra credit for illustrations, but this is not mentioned on the worksheet. You can omit this step if you like.
This writing activity is presented in the “All-in-One” style:
*Project Description
*Brainstorming Worksheet – students collect textual evidence for both endings before choosing their approach
*Rubric – Choose between analytic and holistic versions
*Printer-friendly versions – prints as a half-sheet with the rubric on the front and brainstorming on the back)
*Editable version (.doc)
Have students attach this whole page as a cover sheet for their essay.
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