TERMINUS Chapter 2-4 – Captivating Digital Escape Room Series – Making Inferences

Total pages: 40 + game

File size: 9MB




Terminus is an interactive four-part digital escape room adventure series geared towards 8th and 9th-grade students who read below level. 

This story is a post-pandemic, found-text adventure that helps students with making inferences.

Each game has puzzles and riddles that engage students in ✨collaboration and critical thinking ✨


Students practice…
⭐ Making inferences
⭐  Sequencing
⭐  Prioritizing information

You also get thematically related…
⭐  Nonfiction readings
⭐  Creative writing
⭐  Vocabulary
⭐  Research activities
All of which are at the target grade level.

You can use this in…
⭐ Science
⭐ Reading Intervention



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