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Ready to make your unit on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet more inclusive? This resource is part of a series to help teachers find supplements and updates for core texts in order to add more inclusivity to their curriculum. For each text, we share easy changes, like paired texts (videos, poems, articles, etc.) you could incorporate on a budget. We also share more difficult changes, like substitutions you could request in the future. We are not saying that you need to replace every text — we want to continue a dialogue on how to make our curricula more inclusive.
This curated list represents 15+ hours of research. You can use any of these text suggestions as you plan your unit.
What You Get:
1. 30+ inclusive text suggestions & annotated ideas organized by teaching topic
Essential Questions:
–What role does family play in one’s identity?
–What is the continued relevance of Shakespeare?
–To what extent is Romeo & Juliet a critique of romantic love?
–Free Will vs. Fate/Destiny
Literary Devices/Techniques:
–Tension & Suspense
Suggestions for replacement texts
**This is a living document, meaning that we may update the Google Doc with more resources and ideas. Be sure to bookmark it. :)**
2. Guide for Rethinking the Classics
–Affirmations for Rethinking the Classics
–How to Audit Your Texts
This resource was co-created by Danielle Hall from Nouvelle ELA and Sheila Frye from Teaching Literacy.
About Your Resource:
Your resource is a .pdf with a link to the Google Doc of text suggestions. We’ll announce the publication on our Instagrams, @nouvelle_ela and @teachingliteracy. Please let us know if you have any questions! You can also email me (Danielle) at 🙂
If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!
-Danielle @ Nouvelle ELA
Instagram: @nouvelle_ela


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