Romeo and Juliet Review Escape Room (paper + digital)

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This Romeo and Juliet Review Escape Room activity is perfect for reviewing your R&J unit. The four tasks cover plot, characters, quote identification, and a close reading. Students use the “keys” from these four tasks to solve the Secret Quote. This is the digital AND paper version. It has been designed to take 40-50 minutes. This resource will include a complete Teacher’s Guide, extension activities, and an Answer Key. (grades 7-12)
Do you prefer the paper version? Find it here.
Your Resource Includes:
1. Four core tasks with instructions and clues
**Plot Points (two versions for differentiation)
**Character Identification
**Quote Identification
**Close Reading Passage
2. A Secret Quote that you can extend into analytical writing after the game
3. Writing extensions (either analytical or personal responses)
Download the preview for more information!
Praise for the paper version:
“This is literally the BEST thing I’ve purchased on TPT! It is well put together, the instructions are easy to follow, and I love that there are multiple options for using it. I also loved that the tasks varied in skill-level, so there was something accessible for all the students. My Honors 9th graders ate…it…UP! It was fun and exciting, and every single kid was engaged and participating. It provided an excellent review of the main plot and elements of the play, and it made me want to make Escape Rooms for all the novels/plays I teach. Or you can do it – I’ll buy them all! 🙂 Thank you for putting out a quality product that is engaging, rigorous, and fun!” -Thompson & Thompson
“This was the best TPT purchase I’ve made! The students were engaged and focused; everyone was involved, and the activity went so smoothly! As a prize for first place, I offered 3 AMA (Ask Me Anything) for each member on the final exam; second place got 2 AMA; third place got 1 AMA. You would not believe how much this competition motivated them!” -Mary B.
“My students loved this activity! I set it up like an escape room. I hid the tasks around the room for each group. They would earn the clue by correctly finishing a task. Normally my students complain about station work, but changing the process made a world of difference for them! I loved watching my normally “too cool for school” boys excited and engaged!” -Carrie R.
About Your Romeo and Juliet Review Escape Room:
Your download is a .zip file. The Teacher’s Guide is a .pdf, including a link and password to the game. The digital game is on WordPress and intended for computers or iPads. It has not been optimized for mobile devices. You also get an editable version of the extension activities in PPT. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions. 🙂
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-Danielle @ Nouvelle ELA


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