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In this research portfolio, students explore a career. They present their findings through a variety of creative written and artistic projects, including writing a resume. This process develops important research skills like evaluating sources, citing and paraphrasing evidence, and analyzing claims. Students are engaged and excited as they present their results in an alternative to a formal paper.

This is a complete research project based on the Big6 Style, differentiated to meet the needs of your high-achievers as well as struggling readers, LEP students, and EC students.

***You can reuse several of these components for other projects, research, or presentations (the evaluation sheets, for example).****

What You Get:
1. Research Description/Prep Sheet – Students read and rewrite directions in the form of questions.
2. Source Sheet – Students record information for their bibliography and take notes.
3. MLA Cheat Sheet
4. Integrating Sources WS – Students learn how to introduce, cite, and explain information in order to integrate citations smoothly into their work.
5. Mini-Project descriptions – All students complete two common projects (Overview Booklet and Resume). Students also choose projects from two columns, each focused on either a written expression or artistic expression.
6. Research Checklist – This is a tool for teachers to keep track of a student’s progress. My students glued this into their research folders.
7. Overview Booklet – As an introduction, students complete a quick overview of the main facets of their chosen career. Perfect for LEP and EC students.
8. Resume – Students write a resume for a potential candidate to the career they’ve chosen. This resource includes an example resume and a template (MS Word).
9. Research Rubric and Mini-Project Rubric – Choose either one of these complete rubrics. I’ve created the points so that they add up to 100, but there’s also an editable version for your convenience.
10. Presentation Feedback (Peer/Self Evaluation) – This is +/Δ feedback for self and peer evaluation. There is a quick checklist and then space for students to write comments.
11. Self-Evaluation questions
12. Suggested Unit Calendar (3 weeks) – with days given to researching, writing a bibliography, creating the bio interview, finishing the projects, and presenting. My students keep a pocket folder for all of these components.

Presentation Feedback (Peer/Self Evaluation) – This is +/Δ feedback for self and peer evaluation. There is a quick checklist and then space for students to write comments.

Self-Evaluation questions – You can edit these to suit your needs; I only asked three simple questions.

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