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In this research portfolio, students explore a career. They present their findings through a variety of creative written and artistic projects, including writing a resume. This process develops important research skills like evaluating sources, citing and paraphrasing evidence, and analyzing claims. Students are engaged and excited as they present their results in an alternative to a formal paper.

This is a complete research project based on the Big6 Style, differentiated to meet the needs of your high-achievers as well as struggling readers, LEP students, and EC students.

***You can reuse several of these components for other projects, research, or presentations (the evaluation sheets, for example).****


What You Get:

  1. Full Teacher’s Guide with project options, suggestions for research phases, considerations for student workdays, and ideas for showcasing student work
  2. Editable project materials, rubrics, and unit plan: 

-Research Prep Sheet

-Research Checkpoints

-Mini-Project Guidelines


  1. Activities and handouts to build research skills (paper + digital):

-Integrating Sources with model text (“In Focus: Gordon Parks”)

-Source Sheet/Source Cards

-Research Overview Booklet (or Slideshow)

-MLA Cheat Sheet

-Resume writing activity

  1. Presentation Feedback Slips you can reuse for any project


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About your resource:

Inside this zip file you’ll find editable materials which are adaptable in .ppt (or a clone) or in Google Slides. Activities and handouts are “print-and-go” PDFs. Digital versions are available in fillable Google Slides.

If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!
-Danielle @ Nouvelle ELA
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Blog: Danielle @ Nouvelle ELA


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