Nonfiction Text – Close Reading Passage – The Hendersons Cancel Christmas

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This close reading passage is perfect for your middle schoolers! Students will love this true story, and will certainly have opinions and stories to share. This also makes a great sub plan or snow day assignment. It can be used as a traditional worksheet

What You Get:
*A lesson plan & ISN spread set-up
*A version of the reading with an annotation column
*A version of the reading without an annotation column
*A Comprehension Foldable with close reading questions that are Common Core-aligned
*An answer key/suggestions for open-ended questions

Lexile indicators:
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 8.4
Gunning-Fog Score 10.3
Coleman-Liau Index 11.6
SMOG Index 8.3
Automated Readability Index 8.3
Average Grade Level 9.4

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