Thrilling Digital Escape Room Sampler: Burnbridge #1 and Terminus #1

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Looking for a digital escape room but can’t decide which is best for your students? Don’t settle; try out the game #1 of each series with this sampler resource!
Burnbridge Breakouts and Terminus are two chaptered digital escape room adventures. Both series have been designed to “bridge” fiction and nonfiction reading skills for 8th & 9th grade reluctant readers.
A 10-part narrative adventure series set in a small town with a seedy history
Each game features a different teen protagonist
⭐ They all work together to solve the main mystery
Similar to Scooby Doo (so not “scary,” but occasionally suspenseful)
Terminus Breakouts
⭐ A 4-part mystery adventure
Students play as Rania, a teen who has woken up from cryosleep and is all alone
She must figure out what happened to everyone using letters, emails, newspapers, and other “found texts”
This game is tonally darker and more mature
The game alone has been designed to take students 45-60 minutes. If you have them complete any of the accompanying assignments, you could make this last several days.
The game acts as a ‘bridge’ to the on-level assignments.

What teachers like you are saying about the digital escape room sampler:

Jennifer O.
Jennifer O.
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"I highly recommend this resource! My 7th grade students LOVED the first chapter of the Burnbridge series. My more advanced students were able to work through it on their own and the rest of the class worked through it collaboratively. [...] Highly engaging! I can't wait to continue to use the whole series in my classes when we return in the fall. I let my more advanced students work through Terminus, and I have to say that the older students definitely appreciated the content and graphics! They are both amazing and I plan to use BOTH in my classes in the fall. THANK YOU!!!!"
Christine N.
Christine N.
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"Everything was well explained and my students didn't even realize they were learning!"
Christina M.
Christina M.
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"Great resource!"


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