Bronx Masquerade Bundle


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This bundle contains three of my best-selling products for teaching Nikki Grimes’ Bronx Masquerade – a creative writing project, a multiple-choice Unit Test that is Common Core-aligned, and a research project on the Harlem Renaissance.

These scaffolded products are geared towards struggling readers, ELLs, and EC/SpEd students.

What You Get:
1. Bronx Masquerade project with guidelines, brainstorming sheets, rubrics — three different versions so that you can differentiate

**Students write their own journal entry and poem, based on themselves, a current character, or a new character.**

2. Bronx Masquerade final test, with CC-aligned multiple-choice questions, a conflict chart, and short answer questions. (editable)

3. Harlem Renaissance Research Project with guidelines, brainstorming sheets, rubrics, presentation feedback slips, and an MLA cheat sheet!

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