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Getting to Know “The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids”

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As some of you may already know, I’m now officially a published author! My first book, The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids, releases June 9th (pre-order your copy today!). And y’all, I couldn’t be more excited! 

What’s inside?

You might be thinking, “All puzzle books are kinda the same, right?” Not true! My goal was to create something totally different when I sat down to write The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids. For one, kids of all different cultures and ethnicities will see themselves in the text, and in the whimsical illustrations. 



I remember how fun it was for me to see my name in books or on TV, and as a “Danielle,” I got to feel that joy often. So when I was brainstorming The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids, I wanted to create that opportunity for other kids. And of course, it was also very fun to draw on my circle of friends for name inspirations (Hi, Chaimaa and Achraf!).

Unique format boosts reader engagement

Another element that sets this book apart from the crowd and makes it more engaging to students is the cast of recurring characters. Like Jacinta, a girl who loves her many pets, or Walter and Tameka, a hilarious brother/sister duo. 



I wrote this book with kids ages 9-12 in mind, but it would definitely work for younger kids who need a challenge, or high-schoolers that need to practice logic and problem-solving. Many of you already love my Team Trivia Collaborative Bellringers (free week available here!), and I think that The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids could make a great bellringer, or end-of-week “reward” activity. 

More than “just” fun

In a collection of almost 200 riddles, I made sure to include many different types. Some are wordplay riddles, based on puns or double meanings. Some are logic-based brain teasers, requiring more lateral thinking. Novel problem solving like this is thought to help improve executive function. This is something I’ve blogged about before, specifically how escape rooms can help boost students executive functioning skills. There are also some math riddles in the book. 

In addition to including many different types of riddles, I also included riddles from all around the world. Puzzles like the Chinese Lantern Riddle pictured here are reproduced in countless books, but few take the time to explain the history and cultural significance behind them.


Why pre-order?

Finally, on a personal note, I would like to thank each and every one of you reading this. I get so much wonderful feedback from my blog and on my Instagram (@nouvelle_ela) that inspires me to keep creating new resources like this. If you’re interested in a copy of The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids, please pre-order by June 8th.

Pre-orders are vital to an author’s success. Everything from which book stores will stock it, its placement in the store, to how many copies appear on the shelves are determined in large part by its pre-order sales. 


Huge thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered so far, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your reviews 🙂


  • Nellie Williams
    May 31, 2020 at 7:34 am

    Hi Danielle! I just preordered my copy for my 6th grade class. My kids will LOVE this as they often ask for books with jokes or riddles. This title will also be great for those reluctant readers who just need the right book to get them hooked.


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