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Class Celebrations: 6 Activities for Women’s History Month with Our Discount Resource Bundle

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How do you celebrate women’s history month in the classroom? Make space in your curriculum to celebrate women who forged paths of possibility.

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If you need no-prep activities for Women’s History Month, look no further. This comprehensive bundle has a variety of activities and resources that will leave your kids engaged and informed. 

Even better? It’s discounted 20% when you use the code EMPOWHER at checkout! This discount is available until the end of March and can apply to any activities for Women’s History Month available on the blog.

What to do for Women’s History Month in school?

Before you start with any activities for Women’s History Month, give students the opportunity to learn about it. See some ideas and resources below for how to do so!

Media Literacy Analysis

Have students practice their media literacy analysis by examining and responding to one or more of these suggested videos. Depending on your time frame, I encourage you to do a World Cafe, Station Rotations, or Jigsaw to maximize collaboration opportunities.

You can find more ideas for this video and other activities for Women’s History Month on an earlier blog post.

Research & Present

You can also have students practice their research and presentation skills! Either provide students with articles (like the ones suggested below) or have them find credible sources of their own on the topic. You can implement this in groups or pairs depending on your class size.

“One in Three Women Attempt to Break the Glass Ceiling, But Fewer than Half Succeed” by Terry Cohen

Cohen’s article serves as a great means for students to understand how intersectionality affects women’s access to equity. It is vital that students recognize the privileges certain demographics of women have (white women, affluent women, etc.).

“Trans Women are Women: Avoiding the Mistakes of Our Predecessors” by ACLU

This valuable article highlights the importance of intersectionality and women’s rights. Trans women have contributed to the progression of women’s rights for so long, yet their efforts are often overlooked. Trans women are women; full stop. Our advocacy for women’s rights includes all women, especially those whose intersectional identities are often silenced or oppressed.

Women’s History Month Activities for Students

Now that we’ve got some basics out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff! This discounted bundle is full of rich activities for Women’s History Month. Explore what’s included in your inclusive bundle.

What is it?

– 30 bell ringers based on classic or contemporary poems by women

– Comes with suggested answers & 2 styles of recording sheets

Why would your students benefit from this? 

Students practice identifying poetic devices and figurative language, analyzing a poet’s purpose, and creating poems in different styles

What is it?

– Students analyze a magazine-style informational text on Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, an immunologist who worked on a cure for COVID-19 & use the text as a model in writing their own profile of a researcher

– Includes a pre-reading activity, paragraph structure analysis, informational writing practice, answer keys & rubrics

Why would your students benefit from this?  – Practice informational analysis and writing

What is it? 
9 illustrations of famous women and an inspirational quote (high resolution & printable)
– Includes a teacher’s guide, quote cards for students, and an optional writing activity with a rubric

Why would your students benefit from this?  Classroom decor is a low-risk, high-reward way to include representation and build a safer environment Become informed on important historical figures who are often overlooked

What is it? Differentiated versions of a nonfiction article, “Women at the Battle of Gettysburg” with bell ringers, vocab, reading comprehension, text structure study support, a scavenger hunt, MC & short response assessments with rubrics, suggested lesson plans for ELA and Social Studies, further research topics, & answer keys

Why would your students benefit from this?  – Students practice text structure, vocabulary, and nonfiction reading analysis

– Students examine history with a social justice lens

What is it?

– A reading comprehension resource presents three nonfiction articles about teen environmental activists 

 – Includes 3 differentiated versions of the article, editable bell ringers, vocab, text structure study, paragraph analysis practice, MC & short response assessment, analytical writing for synthesis, suggested lesson plans for ELA and Environmental Science, & answer keys

Why would your students benefit from this? 

This cross-curricular learning opportunity allows nonfiction analysis and analytical writing practice

What is it?

– Teaching ideas for seven YA books with strong female protagonists 

 – Includes a summary, teaching ideas, and links to additional resources for each book rec

Why would your students benefit from this? 
– Representation within your classroom library shelves MATTER.


Still not totally convinced? See what other educators have to say about these powerful activities for Women’s History Month.

Concluding Remarks

Although this resource is labeled specifically as activities for Women’s History Month, you can (and should) integrate this learning in your curriculum year-round. 

We should not learn about inclusive literature and histories in isolation. My suggestion would be to spread out the phenomenal resources in this bundle. Save some activities for emergency sub plans or skill-building activities. 

As always, please don’t be shy… tell me all about your experience with this bundle! And don’t forget to use the EMPOWHER discount to receive 20% any Women’s History Month resource.

Happy teaching, my friends!