Inspiring & Inclusive Texts Pairings – The Outsiders Supplements & Updates

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Ready to transform your unit on The Outsiders with inclusive text pairings? This resource is part of a series to help teachers find supplements and updates for core texts in order to add more inclusivity to their curriculum.

What you can expect to see in your The Outsiders planning resource:

Essential questions:
⭐️ How are different social classes treated by society?
⭐️ What are the implications of stereotyping others?

⭐️ Peer pressure vs. independent thought
⭐️ Hero worship and the “Southern Gentleman” trope
⭐️ Responding to violence with violence

Literary devices & techniques:
⭐️ Types of conflict
⭐️ Characterization
⭐️ Gold as a metaphor
⭐️ Alliteration


What teachers like you are saying about The Outsiders inclusive planning resource:

Mary L.
Mary L.
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“This resource was essential when I taught The Outsiders through remote learning! I loved that it provided updated, relevant information for a more inclusive class environment.”
Meghan A.
Meghan A.
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“Love the refreshing of The Outsiders!”
Courtney D.
Courtney D.
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“I also found it so helpful how these resources were organized (using themes, topics, literary techniques, etc) because it helped me frame my approach to the novel, even though I wasn’t that excited to teach it again, and also helped me formulate a future alternative that I am actually excited at the prospect of. Great resource, easy to use, lots of links and activities.”


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