The Great Gatsby Anticipation – Roaring Twenties Background Reading

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Looking for an effective & engaging The Great Gatsby anticipation activity? This Roaring Twenties Close Reading is a great way to build context before studying a novel like The Great Gatsby.

It introduces major social and economic concerns in post-war America. This background activity helps students understand the era.

✅ Quality of living in the Roaring 20s
✅ The class divide (a key theme in The Great Gatsby)
✅ Women’s liberation

This resource includes a full Teacher’s Guide, student handout, and questions for further research and discussion. (grades 7-10). 

What teachers like you are saying about The Great Gatsby anticipation reading:

Tammy B.
Tammy B.
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“I used this material as a prereading activity to The Great Gatsby. This was a perfect opening and allowed for further research on the topics. I found the background activity useful and well organized."
Matthew C.
Matthew C.
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“A great article to provide context as well as the 3 close reads protocol to ensure student comprehension and support analysis.”
Deborah B.
Deborah B.
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“Nouvelle ELA's products are always professional, thorough and engaging. This is how I'm introducing The Great Gatsby. It's a great "lead in" to the novel.”


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