TERMINUS Chapter 1 – Captivating Digital Escape Room – Making Inferences


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Terminus is an interactive four-part digital escape room adventure series geared towards 8th and 9th-grade students who read below level. This story is a post-pandemic, found-text adventure that helps students with making inferences.

Playing as Rania, students work to solve the mystery of the MILSA outbreak by reading…
⭐ Letters,
⭐ Memos,
⭐ Manuals,
⭐ And emails left behind.

Each game has puzzles and riddles that engage students in ✨collaboration and critical thinking ✨

Students practice…
Making inferences
⭐  Sequencing
⭐  Prioritizing information

You also get thematically related…
⭐  Nonfiction readings
⭐  Creative writing
⭐  Vocabulary
⭐  Research activities

All of which are at the target grade level.

You can use this in…
Reading Intervention

Check out the complete series!

Rania is a teenager who’s just woken up from cryosleep. She learns more about MILSA, a pandemic her mother was researching. Rania must follow her mother’s clues to find the cure and save herself.

This resource also includes…
 A complete Teacher’s Guide
Extension activities
An answer key.

***A note about COVID-19 and TERMINUS: We started working on this game last July and had no idea that its publication would coincide with a global pandemic. We guarantee Rania gets a happy ending AND that players will learn about the difference between pandemic fiction and the real science behind contagion, containment, and cure.***

Your Resource Includes:

1. A link and password to a web-based interactive adventure game

2. A full Teacher’s Guide
An introduction to the digital interface
A step-by-step guide to solving the puzzles
A “found text” inferencing guide
A complete Answer Key
 A “Quick Reference” page to print for game day


3. Thematic extension activities – written at a 9th-grade level
“What is the CDC?”
⭐  Interview Prep activity

4. Optional (and editable!) Written Extension activities
Analysis prompt & rubric
Creative writing prompt & rubric
Game reflection

About Timing:
The game alone is designed to take students 45-60 minutes. If you have them complete any of the accompanying assignments, you could make this digital escape room last several days. The game is meant to act as a ‘bridge’ to the on-level assignments.
About Your Resource:

Your digital escape room resource is a .zip file. This includes a .PDF Teacher’s Guide and a .PPT with the editable extension activities. Within the Teacher’s Guide, you’ll find a link to the game website and a password. This will allow you and your students to open the game.

This game is best played on computers and iPads – it has not been optimized for phones. As with any escape game, we recommend you play through it yourself before presenting it to students.


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