The Pearl Unit Comprehensive Bundle – Steinbeck

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Looking for a full novel study for The Pearl by John Steinbeck? The Pearl Unit Bundle guides and challenges students to analyze plot, characterization, conflict, and symbolism in the classic novella.

Throughout their reading of The Pearl, students will complete nonfiction background activities, projects and vocabulary activities, full lessons, a study guide, and a final test.

The Pearl Unit Bundle may be used with or without Interactive Notebooks. Answer keys and rubrics included. (grades 7-10)

This unit is:
✅ Interactive
✅ Creative
✅ Analytical

What teachers like you are saying about The Pearl unit bundle:

Lori P.
Lori P.
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“This is such a thorough and complete unit for [The Pearl by John Steinbeck]. It is easy to follow and I love that I have choices in how I want to present the information. The author page is unique and the students enjoyed researching in order to complete this page. Thanks for sharing!”
Samantha R.
Samantha R.
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“This was so thorough and useful while teaching this novel for the first time.”
Mary P.
Mary P.
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“My favorite pieces of the bundle are the background info and the create your own reading guide. The reading guide allows for creativity while still requiring vigor.”


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