Informative & Effective Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance: Escape Room Bundle (paper + digital)

Total pages: 35+ game

File size: 5MB




Looking for a captivating way to introduce your students to the Harlem Renaissance? The Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance: Digital + Paper Escape Room Bundle is your answer!

Activities included:
⭐ A Great Migration Journal Entry Sort
⭐ Famous Figures Biographies and photos
⭐ A Prohibition Close Reading activity
⭐ A secret poem

What you can expect in the escape room bundle:
The fully digital version
The paper version – can be presented as stationed breakout boxes OR an escape room seeking for hidden clues
⭐ Designed to take 40-50 minutes
⭐ Includes a complete teacher’s guide, extension activities, and an answer key
⭐ Designed for grades 7-12
⭐Perfect for ELA or Social Studies, in Black History Month or any time of year

What teachers like you are saying about the Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance Escape Room Bundle:

Samantha H.
Samantha H.
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“This is a highly engaging, detailed lesson on the Harlem Renaissance. It provides students with an overview on many different aspects of the era, covering historical background as well as specific artists. Students will definitely enjoy the variety of puzzles and tasks.”
Gambria L.
Gambria L.
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“A culturally-sensitive resource that avoids some of the ‘rosy’ accounts of the era.”
Paige H.
Paige H.
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“This creative and engaging resource provides a historical foundation for students that not only sheds light on the great names of the Harlem Renaissance, but also opens up a door to discuss race in America.”


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