Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance (paper + digital)


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This Harlem Renaissance Escape Room is the perfect way to introduce your students to the era. It has a Great Migration Journal Entry Sort, Famous Figures Biographies and photos, a Prohibition Close Reading activity, and a secret poem. This is the fully-digital version. It has been designed to take 40-50 minutes. This resource includes a complete Teacher’s Guide, extension activities, and an Answer Key. (grades 7-12)
Perfect for ELA or Social Studies, in Black History Month or anytime of year. *All profits go to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.*
You can present this resource as a paper escape room or a digital breakout. Full instructions and differentiation options are included.
What You Get:
1. Four core tasks with instructions and clues
**The Great Migration Journal Entries
**Close Reading: The Prohibition & The Cotton Club (two levels of difficulty)
**Harlem Renaissance Personalities portraits, bios, and quiz
**Secret Poem
2. Writing extensions (either analytical or personal responses)
3. Optional discussion and research
(paper additions)
4. Station Cards
5. “Band’s On Break” cards (for optional increased difficulty)
6. Student Answer Sheets
7. A full Teacher’s Guide with set-up options, a printing checklist, and an Answer Key
8. A poster for your door. 😉
Download the preview for more information!
Praise for this resource:
“This is a highly engaging, detailed lesson on the Harlem Renaissance. It provides students with an overview on many different aspects of the era, covering historical background as well as specific artists. Students will definitely enjoy the variety of puzzles and tasks.” – Samantha H.
“A culturally-sensitive resource that avoids some of the ‘rosy’ accounts of the era.” -Gambria L., 10th grade teacher
“This creative and engaging resource provides a historical foundation for students that not only sheds light on the great names of the Harlem Renaissance, but also opens up a door to discuss race in America.” -Paige H., 10th & 11th grade teacher
A Word About Timing:
This resource has wide appeal and placement in curricula, so it’s up to you how long to spend on the activity. With 9th graders in a regular class, I’d plan on 40-50 minutes. I had a 7th grade and 10th grade teacher test it, and they both said they would have been better off splitting it into two class periods (leaving the Secret Poem and the Extensions for Day 2). There is a lot of reading in this Escape Room, so it really depends on what fits your classroom. As with any Escape Room activity, I recommend that you play through it on your own first before presenting it to your students.
About Your Resource:
Your download is a .zip file. The Teacher’s Guide is a .pdf, including a link and password to the game. The digital game is on WordPress and intended for computers or iPads. It has not been optimized for mobile devices. You also get an editable version of the extension activities in PPT. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions. 🙂
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-Danielle @ Nouvelle ELA
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