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In this career research project, students explore & research a career. They present their findings in a research portfolio: a variety of creative written and artistic projects, including writing a resume.

This process develops important research skills like evaluating sources, citing and paraphrasing evidence, and analyzing claims. Students are engaged and excited as they present their results in an alternative to a formal paper.

✅ High Engagement Activity
✅ Editable and Differentiated
✅ Paper or Digital

This is a complete career research project based on the Big6 Style, differentiated to meet the needs of your high-achievers as well as struggling readers, LEP students, and EC students. All of your students can build their research skills together!

What teachers like you are saying about the career research project:

Hey Teacher Hey
Hey Teacher Hey
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“Students loved this research project and it helped them get interested in careers. It was interesting to see what they were really interested in!”
Shaney P.
Shaney P.
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“Great resource to use in our careers unit for my ESL class.”
Cara G.
Cara G.
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“Great research project for helping my middle school students explore career pathways.”


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