Practical 5-Minute Journal Prompts for the Whole Year

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Looking for daily journal writing prompts for your middle school students? Each prompt is designed to build confidence, endurance, creativity, and enthusiasm for daily writing.

About these journal prompts:
Low-stakes, short prompts that include a variety of topics
⭐ Designed to be completed in 5 minutes or less
⭐ Perfect for middle school bell ringers or exit tickets
⭐ Boosts struggling writers’ stamina and confidence
⭐ Each prompt asks about personal experiences (no “right or wrong” answers)

Enjoy a FREEBIE of these journal prompts!

What teachers like you are saying about these creative writing prompts:

Melanie V.
Melanie V.
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“These are quick and easy prompts for the students to engage in each morning. My students loved the variety of journal prompts which kept them from getting bored. Thanks!”
"I Heart Teaching Science"
"I Heart Teaching Science"
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“These are really great, quick prompts for my daily small-group mentoring. I really appreciate the editable slides because I can tailor the prompts to my students. Thanks!”
Rebekah H.
Rebekah H.
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“I use these daily! Fabulous way to start my writing class off. Gets my students engaged and ready!”


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