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A New Book of Unique Brain Teasers for Kids

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Hey y’all! I’m blogging some big news today: *drumroll please* I wrote a second book, called The 100 Best Brain Teasers for Kids!



My first book, The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids, came out last year. I really appreciated all of your comments, reviews, and shares about it! If you haven’t read it, you can take a peek inside it here. I’m so excited to share that my newest book, The 100 Best Brain Teasers for Kids, is out now and available for purchase!




What kind of books do I write?

If you’ve read my first puzzle book, you know that I don’t write plain, generic activity books. My books create a wonderfully-illustrated puzzling adventure. My first book had a host of diverse recurring characters bringing you original riddles as well as classic riddles from around the world. The goal for The Challenging Riddle Book for Kids was to make a fun, engaging puzzling experience for all kids.


In The 100 Best Brain Teasers for Kids, I kept the same goal of representation, but with a new whimsical twist (alien wizards!). Another difference is that in 100 Best, the puzzles are all built around a story. Seriously: it’s a “save the planet” narrative! This helps raise the stakes for puzzlers and provides motivation to keep moving forward through the book. This book is aimed at kids ages 8-12, but puzzle lovers of all ages will enjoy this adventure. 🙂



Ready to start puzzling?


What’s new?

In 100 Best Brain Teasers for Kids, you’ll meet Ace, a quirky alien Wizard, and their cat Panther. Ace tells you that their home planet of Witloo is in grave danger, and they need your help. The Beloved Crystal that powers Witloo has been stolen by the Flarkspurians, and without the crystal, their planet is dying. The Beloved Crystal is hidden somewhere on Earth, and Ace is having a terrible time understanding the language and numbers of us Earthlings. Can you solve riddles, math puzzles, and logic puzzles to help Ace and Panther find the crystal and save Witloo?(BTW, if you’re not following the real-life inspiration for Ace on IG, you’re missing out. They’re always sharing great content about inclusion in education.)




Why Bookshop?

You might have noticed that my affiliate links in this post link to a site called, Bookshop. If you aren’t familiar with it, Bookshop is an online bookstore that’s designed to support local, indie bookstores. You can even shop your favorite local bookstore online via Bookshop and they’ll recieve the full profit!

I appreciate y’all so much for supporting my first book, and I hope that you’ll consider ordering The 100 Best Brain Teasers for Kids from Bookshop 🙂


Happy puzzling!

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