Teaching Symbolism – Effective Flipbook & PowerPoint – paper + digital

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Engage your students in hands-on learning while teaching symbolism with this flipbook and PowerPoint activity that can be used with any text.

Students will analyze symbolism in a systematic way by citing textual evidence. Setup is quick and easy with clear instructions for your students, which makes this the perfect activity to leave for a substitute.

With this activity, teaching symbolism is:
✅ Quick and easy to explain
✅ Independent – leave it for a sub!
✅ Artistic and memorable

How to use these symbolism activities:
Substitute Days
Break up reading the text
Mid-Way Checkpoint
End-of-Unit Assessment or Task
Group Work

Teaching symbolism can be challenging, but with this flipbook your students will…
✅  Move the tabs from concrete to abstract
✅  Progress through the analysis of a description of the symbol
✅  Take concrete ideas to analysis of abstract qualities
✅  Love this step-by-step approach to analyzing symbolism in any text 

What teachers like you are saying about this teaching symbolism activity:

A Classroom with a View
A Classroom with a View
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“A fantastic, portable lesson that can be applied to any number of different texts.”
Meghan T.
Meghan T.
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“This resource worked well with my students. I appreciated being able to edit it to fit better with the resource we were studying.”
Lassette M.
Lassette M.
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“What a great idea! SO much better than a worksheet!”


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